Our Services


Product first.

Rocket is a full-service product agency, with experience in all aspects of product design and development. Whether you need product strategy, elegant UI design, or hard-core engineering, Rocket will help you build the right product for your customers.

Product Strategy

Maybe you have a dream of building a rocket to send into orbit, or more likely, a killer mobile app for your customers. We’ll work with you to take all your great ideas and turn them into a focused, goal-oriented product strategy.


We learned design sprints from our partnership with Google Ventures and we often start projects with design sprints to clarify product focus and direction.


Too many products are overwrought with features. We’ll help you refine your feature set (whether a new or existing product) and define a workable MVP your users will love and developers can implement.

UI Design

User interface design is where a product starts to become reality. Our team of designers can create a new UI from scratch or redesign the UI of an existing product. We work with you to create a user interface that adheres to your branding direction yet remains as simple as possible. We test our designs with real users to ensure they are easy and a pleasure to use.

App Development

Our team has extensive experience building world-class software applications. We can either become your product team or integrate seamlessly into your existing product team to help you build a world-class Android, iOS, or Web application.

Launch & Growth

As product guys, we understand that launching your product is only the beginning. We’ll ensure your deployment goes smoothly and your team is well set up to own your app post-launch. In addition, we have extensive Customer Success experience and can help ensure you have the right documentation, training & support materials to make your launch a success.