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Rocket Insights (now DEPT®) is a full-service product agency specializing in the entire design and development lifecycle. We create beautiful apps for mobile, voice and the web. We’re a tight-knit group of experienced engineers and UX designers who care deeply about building products that have a real impact.

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Our Work

algorand image
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development • product strategy

We created the first open source, white-label solution for launching an NFT marketplace, built on top of the Algorand blockchain

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eo phone image


design • development

We helped eo design and build a digital therapeutic platform focused on the future of cannabis care, including the first cannabis-based clinical application available in the App Store.

emoney phone image
emoney phone image


design • development • product strategy

We helped eMoney Advisor create a new mobile app designed to bring financial wellness and the benefits of financial planning to a new audience.

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foundation medicine phone image

Foundation Medicine

design • development

Partnering with Foundation Medicine in the quest to cure cancer.

indigo app

Indigo Ag

design • development • product strategy

We helped Indigo Ag create software to support farmers and make agriculture more sustainable, profitable and productive.

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Our Services

Product strategy

We’ll work with you to take all your great ideas and turn them into a focused, goal-oriented product strategy that we can execute on successfully together.


Our team of senior designers can create a new UI from scratch or redesign the UI of an existing product. We test our designs with real users to ensure they are easy and a pleasure to use.


Our team has extensive experience building world-class software applications. We can either become your product team or integrate seamlessly into your existing product team to help you build a world-class Android, iOS, or Web app.

Launch & growth

As product people, we understand that launching your product is only the beginning. We’ll ensure your deployment goes smoothly and your team is well set up to own your app post-launch.

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