Our team of experienced designers all have spent years designing useful and usable products. We can create a new UI from scratch or redesign the UI of an existing product. We validate product decisions to ensure we are making actual improvements and not just moving pixels around, and we regularly usability test our designs with real users to ensure they are easy and a pleasure to use.

Design Sprints

We learned design sprints from Google Ventures (who originated them) so we understand their power (and limitations!). We often start projects with design sprints to quickly clarify focus and direction and give you an answer to the question "Is this product idea worth pursuing further/investing in?". The output of a design sprint is a validated concept or idea in the form of a clickable prototype that you can then use for further exploration or demoing to colleagues, investors, or other stakeholders.


If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a prototype is worth 100,000. We build prototypes throughout the design process at Rocket... We feel that product teams make much better decisions with a prototype to look at, interact with, and test. Early in the design process we build prototypes illustrating the structure and flow of apps and as a project progresses we increase the fidelity toward the final screen design.

User Interface Design

We design beautiful and usable interfaces across a range of platforms and technologies. We work with you to make sure that our designs follow your branding direction and then we create the simplest possible interface that ensures success for your users. We simplify at the same time that we add useful features...which is the entire trick of good design!

UI & Flow Redesign

If you have an existing web or mobile app that needs a UI refresh, or an existing app that is under-performing, we can redesign it to both look and work better. We'll work with you to audit the current app, understand any relevant competition, and then redesign without throwing out what is already working. We'll end up designing a new application that is beautiful, easy-to-use, and actually works for your business.

Screen & Flow Optimization

If you have an existing web or mobile application you likely have started to collect usage metrics to understand how well its working. Once you get these metrics in place you can then optimize flows and screens to perform better. By testing different designs and alternative design approaches Rocket can help you improve conversion on your critical flows which will in turn improve your bottom line.