Our team has extensive experience building world-class software applications. We can either become your product team or integrate seamlessly into your existing product team to help you build an Android, iOS, or Web application.

Architecture Sprints

The Architecture Sprint identifies key technical challenges, explores sound solutions, and ultimately provides you with a technical blueprint for your final product. Our breakdown will not only detail programming languages, frameworks, hosting solutions, etc., it will also explain the why behind each recommendation. In the end your dev team will have a clear path to production, armed with a precise architecture diagram and answers to key technical questions. Whether you have an idea or highly polished designs, the Rocket Architecture Sprint answers how.

Mobile App Development

We build native iOS and Android applications using languages like Swift and Kotlin as well as the React Native platform. We focus on stability, speed, and elegance to build apps that consistently receive five star App Store reviews. (Read our ezCater case study for an example of a highly-rated app) We can work as an independent product team or integrated into your existing team depending on your needs.

Web App Development

We are skilled in building scalable web applications that leverage modern technologies to delight our users and pride ourselves on working with clients to build the right solution for their needs. We try not to box clients in to "our solution". Some of our "happy" places from a technology perspective are React.js / Vue.js frontends, powered by Node.js / Rails backends. We can work as an independent product team or integrated into your existing team. Learn more about our web engineering practices on our web-blueprint GitHub project.


Rocket QA is composed of experienced engineers who will integrate with your team and collaborate across all functions in the SDLC to ensure your product meets business and customer needs. Whether by providing support on practical testing activities, guidance on tools and best practices, or even building a QA discipline from the ground up, Rocket has you covered! Check out this blog post for a deeper dive on our QA philosophy.

DevOps Engagement

Development teams need to operate like well-oiled machines. We help bridge the gap between development and operations by providing guidance and strategic implementation of continuous integration and delivery pipelines, full-stack observibility solutions and provisioning code-driven cloud infrastructure.

Alexa Skills Development

We have gotten in early building Alexa Skills and have delivered some of the more sophisticated skills to date. We are also an Amazon Alexa Skills partner and work closely with the Amazon team to make compelling and easy-to-use skills. Read some our thoughts here: 7 Secrets to Designing Alexa Skills.

Innovation Teams

We can provide highly skilled, senior product developers for both web and mobile applications. Our Innovation Teams model provides self-managing teams who can develop applications quickly and efficiently on their own while checking in regularly with your product team. We optimize our teams to work extremely well together so they can consistently deliver weekly builds for you to review and share internally.

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