Launch & Growth

As product people, we understand that launching your product is only the beginning. We’ll ensure your deployment goes smoothly and your team is well set up to own your app post-launch. In addition, we have extensive Customer Success experience and can help ensure you have the right documentation, training & support materials to make your launch a success.

Launch Planning & Rollout

We'll help you have a successful launch and rollout of your product. Whether it be provisioning enough servers to handle the new traffic or working closely with your marketing team on a go-to-market strategy, we will help ensure a smooth and successful release.

Metrics-driven Design Innovation

Launching your app is only the beginning. Once it's launched, we will help you set up the right metrics to track success and provide design services that are driven by those metrics. We've worked with many of our clients to iterate on sign-up flows, coupon flows, sharing flows, and other paths critical to their business.

Post Launch Support & Maintenance

We do not just build a product and leave. We know that success requires long-term care so we provide comprehensive post-launch support and maintenance. This could include ongoing improvements to the app or testing to ensure things are running smoothly. Also, when the time comes we'll help you plan how to transition our work back to your in-house team and even help you hire a team that can own the work going forward.

Managed Services

In addition to developing and launching your product, we can fully manage and host the entire stack giving you peace of mind for up-time and product support.